FIFA World Cup Russia Personalised Jersey


Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Brand: Budweiser
Launch Date: June -July 2018
Project Brief: To design a landing page that allows the consumers to customize and redeem jerseys in conjunction with the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup.
PRESTIGE PREMIUMS Support: Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics

The World Cup craze is never complete without customized football jerseys. With that in mind, Prestige Premiums pitched the idea of an e-redemption landing page for personalized Budweiser jerseys during the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. 

The project did come with its challenges, since this was the first time Prestige Premiums was undertaking an e-redemption service for its client. However, with the right skills and attitude, the end product clinched a 50-80% increase in Budweiser sales after it’s launch.

Much attention was given to the visual attractiveness of the jerseys as customers were greeted with a selection of vivid colors and the option to customize and redeem their jerseys when they entered the website landing page. 

Ultimately, Budweiser’s brand awareness increased due to the quality of the jerseys, the extensive social media campaign to advertise the product and the convenient e-redemption service for consumers to redeem their jerseys.

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