Why Sustainability is Crucial for Promotional Products?


by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 24th June 2020

Over the past decades, there is an increasing growth in terms of brands’ and consumers’ awareness, efforts, and contributions when it comes to sustainability movements. Many brands are recognizing the importance and significance when it comes to such movements and is striving to direct their organizations in such direction in order to allow consumers who have awareness towards sustainability and are striving to conserve the environment through their efforts and contributions to consider their brands in such instances.

As this month signifies the month of Sustainability due to majority of the significant campaigns and events relating to conserving movements and sustainability to be held for this month, are you keen to learn more about why sustainability efforts are crucial for promotional products in terms of gifting and corporate purposes for your business? Here are some of the crucial factors we have gathered for your viewing ease and pleasure!

The following are some of the factors as to why sustainable promotional products are crucial for your business:

With the growing trend in Sustainability for companies’ marketing efforts and contributions to environmental movements, recent studies have shown that Millennials are driving brands to practice more socially responsible marketing and with 73% of Millennials who are willing to pay more money for sustainable products.

For instance, with most brands implementing bans or restrictions on the usage of plastic related items such as plastic carriers and plastic straws, many organizations have thus created and customized their own reusable carrier bags or aluminum straws as a form of promotional products for their brand’s current client and consumer base or for potential clients and consumers to use on while contributing their efforts to sustainability.

Excellent for creating brand awareness, promotional products have the ability to share an influencing message about who an organization is as a brand hence when a firm chooses to provide sustainable products to their client and consumer base, it helps to increase the consumers’ awareness and perception.

As they are aware that their selected choice of organization is committed to being eco-friendly and socially responsible, this could potentially help to ease clients and consumers during their decision-making process and to choose the organization they have selected on as their preferred choice. 

When clients or consumers’ brand awareness and perception for an organization increase and they associate positive feelings and viewpoints towards a brand, this would potentially help to increase and create a positive impression on an organization’s brand image too. Consumers will perceive an organization who takes part actively in sustainable contributions to have good beliefs, morals, values, and most importantly, to have goals that are not driven by revenues.

  • Increased Brand Loyalty from Consumers

Brand Loyalty from consumers is attainable when a brand managed to position and perceive themselves in an increasingly growing or positive light in terms of a long-term based situation for their business and its growth. As studies have shown that many millennials are keen and enthusiastic when it comes to advocating and supporting brands and its products when they are actively participating in sustainability efforts and contributions, by handing clients or consumers with eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products, while gaining exposure for its corporate business in a sustainable conscious manner, this provides their brand with an advantageous edge within the industry and market based on current marketing and promotional products’ trends. Clients or consumers who own these promotional products would be more inclined to keep them for a prolonged period of time as the brand’s beliefs, goals, morals, and values correlate to theirs and thus, this helps consumers to have positive thoughts and feelings towards a brand and to consciously make the choice of selecting a specific brand with sustainable efforts and contributions as their preferred choice and to purchase or patronize the brands’ retails on a regular basis with trust and admiration being implemented into one of their key reasons of choice. This could also help to contribute to positive word-of-mouth marketing to like-minded individuals for an organization’s marketing strategy.

  •  Potentially Saving Costs

Many individuals perceive and believe that sustainable related products cost more than usual common products. However, contrary to common belief, organizations could potentially save costs in areas such as training and retention. Attracting like-minded employees who value and support sustainability efforts and contributions and are keen to work longer for their organizations, are contributing factors that could help organizations and employers to potentially save costs overall. 

In addition, when organizations are focused on sustainability movements, they could be more conscious in terms of the sourcing and production stages within their supply chains processes, such as the materials they are sourcing for and the production methods they have undertaken as well. Moreover, as clients or consumers are more willing to purchase sustainable products, this could potentially help organizations to decrease their overall costs or to generate more revenues with the increase in sales too.

Overall, marketing on sustainable promotional products and eco-friendly promotions will provide many wonders and advantages for businesses. Sustainable brands and promotional products will be more appealing to its current and prospective client and consumer bases, allowing organizations to develop a strong and reputable brand image and enabling them to save on potential costs as well.

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