Volvo explains it’s three-part promotional gifting strategy

by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 18th November 2019

Volvo has come a long way with it’s gifting strategies. Starting out with simple car merchandise giveaways in its early days, it has now evolved it’s promotional gifting strategy to specifically suit Volvo’s cars and customers’ needs. 

It’s promotional gifting strategy has been divided into three sections.

The first category includes the continuation of the classic everyday merchandise products such as pens, caps, key rings ,etc. While, the second category takes on a more premium lifestyle approach for dedicated clients. Items include clothes, watches, sunglasses and model cars. These two categories can be purchased directly through the e-commerce shop or car dealers.

“The third category is what we term icon products. These may for instance be exclusive items or products with a unique design and function”. These items provide an extra personalized touch from Volvo in order to reach out to new target groups and individual clients.

“The strategy is to produce a global collection of lifestyle products (for) our target groups with the aim of increasing awareness of our brand. We want to make our brand visible in everyday life,” says Yvonne Hall Tobiasson, head of merchandise at Volvo Cars.

Deciphering your target audience is vital to developing your unique promotional gifting strategy. Connect with us at Prestige Premiums to start developing your products for the right target audience!

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