The Wonders of a Reinvented Water Bottle: Que Bottle

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by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 21st July 2020

Have you ever wondered how an ordinary water bottle could be reinvented and transformed to be Collapsible and Lightweight?

The Que Bottle is a perfect example of this! With its Patented spiral design, this enables Que’s Bottle to be able to collapse or expand with and without its cap off! Due to its patented spiral design, this enables them to be able to shrink into half of their original size while enabling the bottle’s overall aesthetic appeal in design and style to be well-maintained and with their lightweight feature, this makes it convenient and easy for many individuals to bring them along wherever and whenever, making them the perfect travel choice companion!

In addition, you might be wondering, how does the Que Bottle feel to its touch? Due to some of their unique features mentioned above, and where they are specially made of 100% Food-grade Silicone – a material from natural resources such as sand, this makes them soft and squishy to the touch, flexible, lightweight and shockproof overall!

With the silicon material used to curate on Que Bottle, they are a highly suitable and ideal alternative to single-use plastic water bottles with their eco-friendly, convenient and stylish aspects and with added features that could have potentially been missed out such as them being BPA- Free and Non- Toxic, Dishwasher Safe, Taste and Odor Free, Compact and Lightweight, Leak and Shock Proof and with a Wide Opening for ice cubes and with silicon being a safe material to use for hot liquids up to 450°F (230°C), both cold and hot drinks could be stored into this multi-functional storage bottle, hence this makes Que Bottles to be a much better and more desired selection choice for you and the planet wherever you are!

Lastly, did you know with every purchase of Que Bottle, 10% of their proceeds goes to The Rainforest Trust policy to protect on rainforests and to save on the endangered wildlife animals? Lets all do our parts by helping as much as we could such as making small contributions to our planet, environment and to the wildlife today! Also, with Que’s hashtag #TakeItWithYou created due to the increased usage trend and wave of Que Bottles around the globe, you could stay connected with Que and Prestige Premiums through Instagram, Facebook and more right at the tip of your fingertips by following and liking us to keep up with more updates!

To find out and learn more about Que’s Bottle and/or on other promotional product offerings we could offer and provide for your brand and firms when it comes to premium corporate or gift items, kindly drop us a message on our social media handles and/or send us your enquiry at today!   

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