Smart Fitness Tracker

Guardian Smart Fitness Tracker

Project Name: Guardian Smart Fitness Tracker Gift with Purchase
Launch Date: 13th February 2019
Project Brief: In conjunction to Guardian Healthy Days, Guardian Singapore have launched a gift with purchase
PRESTIGE PREMIUMS Support: Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics

Health & Fitness products are rising in trend with more consumers becoming increasingly health conscious. Prestige Premiums were approached by Guardian to do a gift with purchase in conjunction with Guardian Healthy Days. 

This was the first time Prestige Premiums had an opportunity to do a fitness tracker. As such, it was exciting but challenging at the same time since they were in charge of the design, production and customer redemption process. But just like all their other projects, Prestige Premiums managed to come up with an innovative promotional gift for it’s client, Guardian.

Ultimately, consumers were attracted to the sleek design of the fitness tracker and the range of vibrant colors (yellow, pink and orange) it was available in.

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