Pilot & Stewardess Baby Romper


Client: Singapore Airlines
Brand: SilkAir
Launch Date: 2017
Project Brief: To design and produce baby apparels inspired by the uniforms of the stewards and stewardess
PRESTIGE PREMIUMS Support: Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics

Who could resist the cuteness of baby apparels? Prestige Premiums was thrilled when they were approached by SilkAir to launch a set of  captain and air stewardess inspired baby apparels. 

Since this was the first time that Prestige Premiums was dealing with apparels as a promotional product, they had to work hard to ensure that the sample underwent thorough revisions before it was ready for production. As a result, the SilkAir baby romper helped to increase the company’s sales by 10-30%.

Ultimately, the SilkAir baby rompers were well-received by the market due to its adorable design, comfortable material and functionality. One thing that Prestige Premiums learnt from this project was that there will always be an endless consumer demand for baby apparel.

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