Marketing the Mooncake Craze


by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 16th May 2019

Mid-Autumn Festival is usually a time for Chinese families to enjoy family time together. What this familial festival means to retail marketers is yet vastly different. Retailers are elated when it comes to Mid-Autumn since it is a great opportunity for them to tap onto the Mooncake craze and market their products accordingly. Is the Mid-Autumn Festival only allowing mooncakes to shine? Perhaps not. If companies know how to jump onto the Mooncake hype train, they can see an increase in their sales revenue. Here, we have consolidated some tricks and tips that you can fully utilise to create promotional mooncake gifts for your company.

1. Uniquely Mid-Autumn Festival

What are the things that come to your mind when people mention the Mid-Autumn Festival? Mooncake is definitely on the top of our mind. The mooncake is symbolic of this festival, evokes a sense of belonging, and instills the emotions of family reunion for many people. Many Singaporeans are fans of the delicious and sweet-tasting treats and would splurge on it during the special festive season. Companies can capitalize with promotional products that are unique to Mid-Autumn Festival to attract eyeballs and increase sales.

Here, we have the Mooncake Cushion that is soft and fluffy. It adds a festive touch to the sofas during the festive period. Moreover, this promotional Mooncake Cushion would appeal to customers who are die-hard fans of cute plushies and cushions.

In addition, we have a Mooncake Packaging Box. Having exquisite designs on mooncake boxes help to establish a high-end brand image for mooncake companies. Customers would perceive mooncakes to be more premium and be less price sensitive.

2. Aesthetics

One of the must-have traditions during Mid-Autumn Festival is to brew a pot of tea and indulge in its aroma. The bitterness of the tea balances out the richness of the mooncakes, thus making the tea an inseparable pair to the mooncake. Tea has always been regarded as a healthy drink by the Chinese community and serve to guests.

Aesthetically pleasing tea sets are great to add a slight tinge of coziness to the interiors. They come in varying colours and designs, allowing people to choose those tea sets that are best suited to their tastes and preferences.

3. Functionalities

Functional promotional products make a good impression too. When its functionality extends beyond the festive season and there is higher product usage, consumers have a higher perceived value in the promotional gift. Therefore, they would be more willing to purchase those consumer goods. Even if they do not need consumer products at hand, they would still purchase those products just for promotional gifts.

Functional promotional gifts like Coasters are a great way to encourage purchases from consumers. They are essential items when people are consuming tea during this festive season. Moreover, they come in handy whenever people are consuming drinks, to prevent cups from sliding and avoid hot drinks from burning the table surface.

In conclusion, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that is great for retailers to launch their promotional products and gain more market share. Consumers are purchasing products from the retail market and the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries frequently; industries must cut through the clutter via innovative marketing means. These promotional products help to captivate the attention of those customers who are still undecided. As most purchases are unplanned and done on impulse, such promotional festive gifts spur sales for those companies which decided to engage with their customers using this intriguing marketing method.

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