Key tips to remember for your Valentine’s day Promotional Strategy in 2020

by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 26th December 2019

Valentine’s day has always been known as a date for couples to shower their other halves with gifts and matching couple items. But did you know that it is also the first major sales date of the year for businesses in the FMCGs and retailing industry? Understanding what Valentine’s day promotional gifts will make your consumers hearts flutter is crucial to maximizing sales on this special day. Here are the key tips to keep in mind when developing your Valentine’s day promotional products:

Analyze the Valentine’s day trends in the market

Looking at past years’ Valentines day consumer trends to figure out which goods are best suited for your business will be a good place to start when planning for your promotional products. Once you have analyzed the market for trending product categories, create a list of products you could push. Here’s a list of potential Valentines day products based on our own research, for you to choose from;

  • Candy jars and sweet dispensers
  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils 
  • Drinkware
  • Wine sets
  • Clothing

Create Valentines day Gift Guide for your consumers 

Since most consumers might have a vague idea of what to buy, the best way to attract consumers to your promotional products would be to provide them with a Valentines day shopping guide. This would help your consumers to navigate their gifts better and will also be good for your business to showcase  it’s products that will be well suited gifts for this special day. Also, something to keep in mind would be that on Valentines Day, the best things come in pairs so when creating this shopper’s guide make sure you have some couple themed promotional products in store.

Create specific landing pages for your Valentine’s day products 

If you want to increase the chances of converting a viewer to a paying customer online, then the shopping experience matters. Make things convenient for your consumers by providing them with a landing page full of exclusive products and e-redemptions for Valentines day alone. Perhaps, to personalize the shopping experience for your consumer, you could sort your products according to gender, personality type, age group and product type. 

Don’t forget about the singles

Keeping in mind that Valentines day shouldn’t only be about his and her gifts is crucial in order to attract more consumers and create more inclusivity for your branding. Promotional products for singles should highlight the message that Valentines day isn’t strictly for significant others. It is important to note that matching couple items shouldn’t only come in the usual male ( blue or green)  and female (pink and red) colours. Also, keep the male and female connotations subtle in these matching pairs so as to break away from the strict male and female product categories.

Ultimately, the Valentine’s day promotional gifting experience should be about providing a wide, convenient and inclusive range of products in order to cater to consumers from all walks of life. With years of experience in helping FMCGs and retailers create unique promotional products and services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Prestige Premiums for your Valentine’s Day promotional product strategy for 2020!

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