Essential Tips on How Firms Could Utilize on Promotional Gift or Corporate Products during Unprecedented Times

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by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 24th June 2020

Unprecedented times could pose quite a few challenges to firms from any business sector, specifically for firms who are within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector due to the sector’s high reliance on consumers’ product and/or service purchases, and also including the growing sense of uncertainty and distress occurring among many individuals and consumers alike in terms of frequenting a company business’s physical retail stores and with the demands on essential services and/or products offerings rising significantly. 

With a sharp decline in traffic flow for companies who might not be providing or catering on essential products and/or services’ offerings, and with its general offerings catering more on Promotional and Corporate gifts towards its business’ clients and sector, the following are a few essential tips which companies could potentially utilize on when it comes to its brand’s promotional or corporate gift products during unprecedented times.

#1 Showing Appreciation and Care to Employees & Fellow Colleagues

During uncertain and challenging times, when a community and a group of individuals are going through similar situations within the workforce, for instance, with the recent healthcare situation occurring in Singapore currently- Covid-19, such times could cause any form of confusion and anxiety among individuals, due to the sudden changes and implementations occurring within the country, economy and among business firms.

Thus, business firms could consider expressing its appreciation and care to its fellow colleagues and employees with a simple gesture, with the use of small customized branded gifts such as Corporate Care Packages, consisting of essential products offered by firms’ management, with items such as Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and a ‘Thank You’ note or card to warmly express the firm’s heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to its employees and fellow colleagues for their continued efforts and contributions to the firm’s business operations and for staying through a firm’s joyous and adverse moments as a team player and a community member altogether.

Showing genuine appreciation and care is a simple act and gesture of concern to an employee’s personal well-being while establishing the perception to employees in terms of how reliable the firm’s management and support systems are and this could further enable employees to form a special bond and work relationship with its firm and workplace, thus further extending on enabling firms to retain on its employees and talent pool.

Studies have also shown that simple promotional products such as a bespoke organizer or a customized mug’s usefulness trait are the key reason for the majority to hold onto and retain on corporate gift products, with technological, wellness, and writing products being seen as the most useful. And with the customization trait that comes with branded corporate gift products, it adds a personal touch and feel to it, thus creating a personal sense of connection between firms and their employees.  

#2 Expressing Thankfulness and Concern to Beloved Clients & Consumers

Similarly, based on how promotional and corporate gift products could be utilized to express appreciation and care to firms’ employees and fellow colleagues, these could also be utilized to express thankfulness and concern to beloved clients and consumers.

For instance, in regard to the recent healthcare situation in Singapore, many firms have implemented the circuit breaker measure during the early period of April, and since then, many firms have been focusing most of their business operations via their brand’s online e-platforms.

And as firms provide their product and/or service offerings to their current and potential clients online, firms could express genuine and heartfelt thankfulness, and concern to their beloved clients and consumers through small gestures such as incorporating on occasional free giveaway contests with its brand’s audience online with the intention of engaging with its brand’s audience through the usage of an interactive and fun content, which could potentially help to create a close bond and connection between its brand and online audience during this trying time.

And not to forget, brands could consider giving away small gifts such as the brand’s promotional or corporate gift products to those who have participated in these contests as a mean of thanking them for their participation and this could potentially help to create brand loyalty, increased brand image and exposure among its audience overall!

Additionally, brands could also consider implementing free corporate and promotional gift products to its clients and consumers respectively during unprecedented times in hopes of expressing the firm’s heartfelt thankfulness and concern to its client and consumer bases for their continued patronage, support, and decision in choosing to patronize and work alongside with the firms’ business and operations during a period of adverse and challenging times. 

Gift products consisting of personal essential healthcare or organizer products such as disposable face masks, hand sanitizer, tissue packets, notebooks, calendars, and an appreciation or gratitude card could be included as a part of a brand’s clients and/or consumers purchase orders.

And when brands’ clients and/or consumers come across on these gift products, this could help to greatly elevate a brand’s image and loyalty while conveying genuine gratitude and care to a brand’s client and/or consumer bases during such trying times.

Moreover, as mentioned before, technological, wellness and writing products are being seen as the most useful and with usefulness trait being the key reason for majority to hold onto and retain on promotional or corporate gift products, this ensures clients and/or consumers would have significant exposure to a firm’s brand name over an extended period of time, thus increasing a brand’s awareness and exposure overall.

Above are a few essential tips we have gathered on which firms from any sector could consider, where Promotional Gift or Corporate Products could be greatly utilized during unprecedented times. Are you keen on knowing more about the range of promotional gift or corporate product offerings your brand could consider utilizing on for your firm’s business during these unprecedented times? Do not hesitate to contact and inquire from us in regard to it today! 

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