Easy & Convenient Glass Containers: Stores all types of Clean & Fresh food products

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by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 20th August 2020

Does it seem too good to be true when it comes to having an Easy and Convenient Glass Container that is considered to be user and travel friendly in storing all types of Clean and Fresh food products altogether?

Known as a common household kitchen product brand to many individuals and families, they are a brand that is not unfamiliar to many of us! We believed many of you could have possibly came across or heard of them prior to us introducing on them and here we would like to introduce on Glasslock! 

Did you know Glasslock product offerings comes in 3S and 1F aspects when it comes to their product features? You might be wondering what they could be and below is a detailed description of what each of these aspects represent and symbolize on in terms of Glasslock’s overall product features and quality!

At Glasslock, they are committed in ensuring their products’ quality with safety measures that have been well considered and implemented into their product offerings. It had been shown that safety is one of the aspects that Glasslock places on and is of utmost importance and priority to them.

Do you know Glasslock containers are made from Silica, Soda Ash, Limestone and Other Natural components, making their products Eco-friendly and Recyclable? They are also BPA free and does not contain any harmful environmental hormones. In addition, Glasslock had also reassured users that their containers itself are made of tempered glass and the lids are made of polypropylene! This have further ensured that Glasslock products are safe for storage and usage purposes for families and individuals.

Glasslock understands the needs and preferences of individuals when it comes to catering good quality containers to store a wide range of food products, ranging from fresh and clean cooked food to uncooked food and ingredients.

Hence, Glasslock containers are specially designed to suit every individual’s needs and preferences, consisting of different sizes and types to meet your everyday needs. Their clear and transparent glass design makes it convenient for users to identify the content within the containers and they will look great when placed in any kitchen, whether if it was at the kitchen top or within the cabinets.

Additionally, Glasslock emphasizes on meeting and fulfilling their customer’s satisfaction and they are focused on providing an all-rounded service experience for their consumers. Glasslock delivers the satisfaction of their consumers through their flexibility aspect of utilizing their products for any purpose through the use of any household appliance such as microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven.

For instance, Glasslock’s containers that are safe for usage via any household appliance are provided with labels such as Oven Safe, Non- toxic, Refrigerator/Freezer safe, Microwave safe and Dishwasher safe. They are also Odor-free, stain-proof, air and liquid resistant, and their easy latching lids brings more convenience in storing food products for individuals altogether.

With all of Glasslock products made and assembled in South Korea, Glasslock had also ensured that their products are FDA approved and recognized to be safe for usage within the food industry and for orders and distributions internationally!

Lastly, to find out more on Glasslock’s Product Use & Care advice and suggestion policy click here to learn more https://glasslockusa.com/use-care/.

Additionally, as a precautionary measure, some of Glasslock products have also been marked and are listed with an Asterisk (*) symbol to enable users to be kept aware and updated that some of Glasslock’s products are not suitable to be used in the oven due to the materials these products are made from. 

To find out and learn more about Glasslock and/or on other promotional product offerings we could offer and provide for your brand and firm when it comes to premium corporate or gift items for your next campaign, event or promotion, kindly drop us a message on our social media handles at PRESTIGE PREMIUMS and/or send us your enquiry at admin1@prestigepremiums.asia today!  

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