A simple guide to marketing your pop-up store with promotional products

by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 30th January 2020

Pop up shops are always a fun and effective way to surround your brand with some buzz without having to bear the costs of a new store. Consumers love interacting with products that catch their eye.

There’s a lot of things that go into creating the hype for your pop-up store and deciding which promotional products work best for your branding should definitely be part of the plan. Here are some simple steps to follow through with:

Work on a theme for an exclusive range promotional products only available during your pop-up event

Thinking about a particular theme for your products is key in order to build buzz around your event. Building your range around a particular holiday season or trending topic  is key as consumers would have definitely picked up on it. Dunkin’ Donuts online pop up store event was a success with its exclusive holiday themed collection, which included sweaters, pyjamas and peppermint scented wrapping paper.

Build the hype for the promotional products in advance

The best way to secure traffic during the period of your pop up event is to create as much anticipation online prior to the launch of your pop-up event. Sending out EDMs and exclusive trailers of the event will definitely bring in some excitement to the scene. Producing flyers is an age-old bulletproof method to bring in the crowd to your pop up store. If your pop-up store is a virtual one then creating a countdown before the launch of the event would be a great way to rope in some excitement amongst potential customers.

Don’t forget to include a customization service to value add to your consumers shopping experience

Your consumer’s shopping experience is a vital part of converting visitors to your pop up store to loyal customers of your brand. Initiate services that allow customers to personalize the promotional products at your pop up event, especially if they want to present it as a gift. Also, self collection services will surely add to your consumer’s convenience  if they are in a rush or would like to purchase your promotional products in bulk.
Pop up events are everywhere nowadays as such, providing your consumers with an exclusive range of promotional products, personalization and self collection services to the mix, will definitely make your event stand out in the crowd. With over 20 years of experience in the promotional gifting scene, Prestige Premiums promises you a value added promotional gifting experience from initiating unique promotional products to developing online redemption services for customers to enjoy. Increasing brand awareness through pop up events has a lot to do with what and how you can offer to your customers so get in touch with us to create your unique pop-up event gifting experience today!

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