A simple guide to giving your business a boost with promotional bags

by PRESTIGE PREMIUMS - 22nd October 2019

Whether it’s a laptop bag, a special edition festive tote bag or a multi purpose storage bag, promotional bags are always a cost-effective and creative tool for marketing your company’s brand.

If you are looking for a way to optimize brand awareness and increase your ROI, look towards bagging your customers with a visual, functional and portable promotional bag.

Why choose bags as a promotional product?


  • Cost Efficient

Online media ads can be quite expensive to produce since paying for the ongoing subscription is not optional. 

However, for promotional products such as bags, the cost remains a one-time expense.

  • Functionality

According to a PPAI survey done in 2017, 85% of consumers highlighted that they own a promotional product because it is useful to have. 

Promotional bags are lightweight, portable and help solve your daily storage problems.

Things to keep in mind before developing a marketing strategy for your promotional bag

1. Identify your target market 

Be clear on who you are targeting your brand to and the purpose for the bag.

For example, during the Hello Kitty Run held this year, participants were greeted with an exclusive  MoonWalk edition promotional package which included a Hello Kitty Tote bag. The tote bag was designed in a cute, kids-friendly size to cater to many of their young fans participating in the run.

2. Customization is key

Personalizing your bag design is key in order to vocalize your brand amongst the sea of competitors. Try to highlight the well-known features of your company through your customized bag.

One such case being the tire-shaped bag designed for Fiat Chrysler during an AutoMobile show which was sold out within the first day at an AutoMobile trade show.

3. When to give out your promotional bags

Giving out promotional bags are either a win or lose situation, depending on the location and timing. If done right, the bag can become a great walking advertisement for your brand.

In-store promotional deals or online subscriptions are definitely a good way to promote your customized bag as consumers would feel motivated to spend or subscribe in order to get the exclusive promotional bag.

Distributing your bags at conferences and trade shows are also good mediums to give publicity since people would definitely a space to put all their pamphlets.

Ultimately, giving out your promotional bag personally to the consumer would be ideal since it’s the faces behind the company that matters.


As a FMCG or retail brand, you are often prioritising to push for sales through incentivised discounts and quality service to gain customers. But exclusive promotional bags can also be a great way to entice your customers to stay. Contact us at Prestige Premiums to discuss more about how your company can use bags as a promotional marketing strategy.

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