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  • PRESTIGE PREMIUMS is efficient and responsive. The premiums are of good quality as well.

  • Definitely enjoyed working with PRESTIGE PREMIUMS as they help to ensure that the designs we wanted are made with good quality and that we received our goods on-time, in-line with the tight timeline we gave them.

  • Worked with PRESTIGE PREMIUMS on the development of several of our airline exclusive merchandise. The team at Prestige provided high quality and on-point designs and options, were responsive to requests and changes, and keeping us updated on the progress of production throughout to the final delivery. It has been a pleasure working with PRESTIGE PREMIUMS as a choice for development and production of exclusive merchandise.

  • PRESTIGE PREMIUMS has a good design team that helped us to design the visual on the premium and shown it in the presentation slides. When we showed it to our customer, they will approve the design at the 1st go. PRESTIGE PREMIUMS provided all-rounded services from sourcing to delivery. They respond quickly to our requests and enquiries, and easing our worries. We trust them to come up with creative promotional gifts.

  • Great insights comes with understanding of the premium market. This will gives us broader insights to premium choices most / less preferred to consumers in the marketplace. Dedicated team efforts and time taken effortlessly for premiums selection!


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